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Commercial Fire Alarm

/Commercial Fire Alarm

How do I get a security evaluation or quote?

Simply contact us to set up an appointment (See contact page).

How much does a typical alarm system cost?

There is no typical system, each system is tailored based on facility size, risk, number of employees and budget. The best thing to do is arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to set up a plan/budget and receive a quotation. Many times we can give a rough cost over the phone.

Do you have various investment programs?

Yes, many of our systems are leased and we can provide internal or third party financing to most applicants.

If I am in the process of moving or building a new facility, how much lead time do you require?

Our typical backlog for medium to large projects is three to four weeks. However, it is wise to get us involved in the early plan/design phase as we may have money saving suggestions.